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New Poetry From:


  • Gilbert Allen
  • Tony Barnstone
  • Bruce Bond
  • Kim Bridgford
  • Terese Coe
  • Moira Egan
  • Mark Jarman
  • A.M. Juster
  • Quincy R. Lehr
  • Charles Martin
  • Leslie Monsour
  • John Ridland
  • Thom Satterlee
  • Roy Scheele
  • N.S. Thompson
  • James Matthew Wilson

Measure was begun in spring 2005 by Paul Bone and Rob Griffith in response to the demise of The Formalist, a journal which had helped renew and sustain interest in formal poetry.

Measure, as a biannual journal, has a mission not only to publish the best new poetry from both established and emerging writers, but also to reprint a small sampling of poems from books of metrical poetry published the previous year. Likewise, each issue includes interviews with some of our most important contemporary poets and also offers short critical essays on the poetry that has helped to shape the craft.